How Is the Technology Revolution Affecting Public Health?

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So what we've observed is in populations where we were struggling to have the simplest of communications occur, we were contemplating the use of carrier pigeons not more that 10 years ago to communicate between sites that were merely three, four miles apart. Now we have workforces of 800 field staff all of whom have their own personal cell phones.

This basic transformation, people see the value in owning a personal communication device at prices that we couldn't have imagined five years ago. And what's that done is put the power of communication in the hands of the most remote grassroot workers that we have out there, and that enables now a workforce that was classically disconnected to be connected to the health system will stay served, but the other thing it's done is provide individuals with access to information with access to providers and to the health care system when and where they need that access, and I think that's one of the most exciting transformations that we've seen in the space.