How Does Mobile Health Data Help Patients focus on Preventive Care?

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Because I can count, I can now ensure that those individuals within a population who most need specific types of care receive that care. And if they don't receive that care, it allows me now the ability to identify why that care was not provided, and may take corrective action to make sure that the others in that class do.

Right no,w it's in many cases extremely haphazard, disorganized and not systematic. On the domestic level, I think we now have the capacity to realize a lot of what we've been talking about in the domain of individualized medicine. And the capacity of health systems to extend their reach beyond the clinic to engage patients in preventive care.

I think is phenomenal opportunity. We talk about self efficacy. The ability of individuals to take control of their own health while they still have it, but also manage disease more effectively when they do fall ill. And I think these tools enables individuals to be more proactive to have that window into how they are doing managing their illness, maintaining the necessary benchmarks that they require.

But also, I think providing cost opportunities for new cartels of healthcare workers, remote outreach workers who ca provide case follow up after discharge, without having to go to the home, but even through a phone call, being able to ensure that a patient post discharge is managing the discharge instructions that they've been given.

And I think as we think about the domestic challenges that we're basing in the coming years with penalties for readmission being one major topic of discussion. Providing an individual with the set of tools that they need as they leave the clinic, but then continuing that support for.

However, much time is needed to ensure that they stabilize once they go home, I think is a very promising facet. There is a lot more sort of adventurous blue skying that I could give you today about sensors and embedded devices, and all types of labs on chips. But, I think it's also part of the exciting future that we face.

But, I think what's most exciting are perhaps the simpler things that will transform the way we deliver health and public health.