How Can Healthcare Providers Manage So Much Health Data?

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The power of computing has just grown exponentially over the past decade, and so our ability to automate a lot of these processes is an area where innovation is rapidly occurring. It would overwhelm the system if in fact we were to start providing raw data which in fact would not be used.

One of the challenges of the provider patient interaction is the limited time they have for that interaction. Anything that helps to augment that interaction period has to be digested, has to be provided to the clinician in a way that can be easily used as part of that interaction with the patient.

So visualizations helping to condense complex information to simple frames, processing and digesting complex, multi-layer information. So, integrating different sources of data, heart rates, glucose levels, performance on physical exams and then integrating those into meaningful summary scores or meaningful statistics is a domain of research that's actively being pursued now globally.