Why Is the Healthcare Industry Behind Other Industries Collecting and Using Data?

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What I see is there are many forces at work on healthcare, many different influences on healthcare some of have been very traditionally steeped in health policy, that's quiet slow to move. There are even things that are way behind as far as societal consensus and the laws are further behind that so there are lots of things about healthcare that have been created and that are influenced by very slow moving mechanisms and then there are traditions within healthcare, within the educational process, within the care delivery process that have also traditionally have been fairly slow to move and the drivers are changing now, the drivers are the empowered consumer, the technology capability that we have, technology capabilities that we have, the demonstrations in other industries that have shown us how applying technology can be so important.

The demonstrations have return on investment for collaboration, and that those white papers out of Cisco are very valuable for that and you even demonstrate well into the healthcare arena. So, many influences have created this system and it's going to take the cooperation of many, many mechanisms to make some really significant shifts.