When Will Doctors Begin Prescribing Healthcare Apps?

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There's an announcement out that there will be the possibility for us to prescribe specific apps and then there will be reimbursement to come around that and it's also why need to help facilitate the FDA move faster on looking at the health technology interventions particularly in the higher risk areas, and some people are quite averse to having the FDA regulate anything else cause it is a cumbersome process and we get caught in this in device innovation at times, but patient safety is ultimately incredibly important, and we as a nation have societal consensus around that so we have this body, the FDA to work on this things.

The higher risk health IT interventions it would be great if the FDA could move that along faster. It's actually slowing down in some people's minds the development of those technologies because the investors are holding back a bit not knowing what the FDA is going to do and the process of getting through the regulatory process is expensive, but the sooner it becomes transparent and clear I think it will move things forward for us.