How Is Personalized Medicine Impacted by Digital Health?

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I think digital health really enables it and I've often said in talks that we've had therapeutics, diagnostics device and now digital health but digital health is more than just a new modality, it's the great communicator, it brings all of those pieces together in a way we've never been able to before.

So now we can have not only the PCR analysis and genomic information. But we're now being able to start being able to connect that back to the genotype to the phenotype and not just the phenotype in the theoretic sense, but you sitting in a room with me, I could actually look at your generic data with clinical decisions support, figure out which of those markers play an important factor, not just in a descriptive or predictive way but maybe even in a prescriptive way at some point.

So I could say to you, these are your markers, this indicates this prognosis and this projection but also, it tells me I should be using this agent for you, and that's very critical and not just on a population base which is what we've done previously in large studies, but a one on one.

This translates to you in this very meaningful way and with digital technology, we've been able to move closer and closer to that and certain disease states we're there.