Can Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Give a False Sense of Security?

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We have consumer monitoring devices or systems in place. We need to be cautious about the false sense of security that gets created around that. So we have to have a real clear mechanisms for thresholds for alerts and make sure that the response to the alerts is intact because patients are feeling, I'm being watched.

When they have some sort of monitoring device or assist him in place that is supposed to be checking on them and say the post discharge period, so we also need to evaluate how those are working. So for instance there are some things where the information, some systems where the information been fed back, but the email may only be checked at the clinic level ones in 24 Hours, and there might be another level of alert which if this happens, use the phone, but the patient may skip that part of the loop, or not be worried about that part of the loop, some patients feel like if they've sent a message, someone is at the other end looking at it instantaneously real time, and that's not true for a lot of the systems.