Why Use Games to Help People with Health?

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They came from originary thinking of care as a problem of advice. We thought the problem here is lack of information. We will just give all these people personalized information, it really cleared charts on what's going on with them, and all will be well, and it turned out no one showed up.

I mean they showed up, and then they ran like [UNKNOWN] because the last thing they wanted was to be oppressed. When you turned around, we threw out the code, we even threw out the servers, we rebuild the game from scratch in the cloud because there was no longer hepic product, it was now just basically do things to be healthy, which meant that we could wrap it everyday, which meant we could improve the game with the men/g speed.

And we went to a bunch of employers and they rather suspiciously deployed it in pilots, and worked better than anyone's wildest dreams. Every single HR, person of every department, we did agreed to be on our website just to find a list of companies that never put their brand anywhere.

Then we started charging for it and that worked. But we don't charge a lot because there's a huge amount of skepticism out there about wellness programs and I don't blame them. So, we charge the cost of a company picnic basically, about 15 bucks a head.