Why Is Our Healthcare System Broken?

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The economic incentives in healthcare are to pay out the most for the people who are the sickest, and as long as they don't die keep paying them. So fundamentally the incentives are not to keep you healthy but to keep you sick. I mean, let's imagine you going just Rex and you leave, and they tell you to change you lifestyles, dramatically for the better, otherwise you will have a short time, and you do.

You won't come back. If on the other hand if you don't change your lifestyle and you just medicine and you do you did three years later you will be back for a stamp, you'll develop diabetes type two, you'll be treated for that and soon you're the gift that keeps on giving for that hospital, and so you know where is the hospital, instead of to get you to go off and actually learn how to be healthy, and not show up again.

To be fair, health and human services now are trying to fix this, they've come up with some strategies to try ward hospitals for making a show up again. The problem is they're still focusing on the very sick. These are people show up for very serious diseases, the hospital treats them.

Now, and then for at least a year or whatever they're supposed to come back. So, they're doing, if you're already very sick, they're now at least trying to make sure you don't get sicker. But the point is they're not really all focused alone, a lot of people would be very sick part of the ten years if they don't do something, and there is no support or incentive for that.