How Does Negative Feedback Affect Health?

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Mostly when people are unhealthy, it's because they don't have the right skills, like they don't know how to cope they're fundamentally trying to keep their head above water, they're scared, they're frightened, they're stressed they are overworked, and the things that they're doing, whether they're smoking or eating crappy food are a coping mechanism to make themselves feel better in a phase of a very difficult existence and if you walk up to such people and yell at them, lecture them or threaten them, it has very little effect except they may put their head in the sand, witnessed the sort of discussion going on in New York right now.

I think instead you need to give people better alternatives and a lot of support. So if you offer rewards that's a safe way to people to not to do things that are bad for themselves, and then you offer a lot of support to build up habits, that are healthy habits as opposed to unhealthy habits, I think that's a good strategy.