Does Our Culture Promote Unhealthy Living?

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No question about it. If you look 25 years ago we were far less over what we are now, almost a third as much which is enormous and now we've almost tripled. And the really, really serious obesity, morbid obesity we've gone up six volt. So there is no question we have changed our society for the worst, in terms of our health habits dramatically in the last quarter century, which is not a long time.

And I think it is a culmination of two things sort of terrible congruent /g. One is we are a higher stress society. We live in a global economy, your confidence in your job is much lower, your tenure in your company is much shorter. Your need for travel income is often much higher, which is if you do get laid off, your ability to maintain your lifestyle much more precarious.

Many more people borrowed much more money on their houses which has left them much less secure. At the same time the food companies revolutionized how they built food to maximize the addictive quality, which unfortunate wisdom by maximizing the salt, sugar and fat in these foods.

For what they rather gruesomely call the bliss point, and so all of a sudden, the very thing everybody here has to learnt to crave because normally, there's not lot of these in the wild. We had 2 million years of evolution, that's a lot of sugar and fat with things you can grab or you could get them, because you couldn't normally get them.

But now there's no natural thermostat, so yeah both things had a once and I think it's that combination that causes, and more so whether we need responsibility. But I'm an imperialist I mean at the end of the day, I just want people to be healthier, I don't need them to be more moral.

It's like the laws about good government, you don't really care why people are good citizens as long as they are good citizens. You just don't want them whacking people over the head or stealing. And you know what I want to do is to figure out what is the most effective way to help these people change their behavior.

When you have these two forces you have the force of stress coming from their work and you have the force of instant gratification but unhealthy instant gratification coming from food. And it turns out the only way to do that is provide some even more fun than the food, and more supportive than the TV ads.