What You Should Know About Belly Fat

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What you don't know about that belly fat could hurt you. Hi, it's Dr. Oz here with some important info if you got a beer belly, here's a scoop, all fat is not alike, eat more calories than you burn and the extra gets packed away in one of two places except contentious fat beneath the skin or this real fat deep in the abdomen, this real fat is what we call omento fat that's fat in your omento, it's a piece of webbing that hang off your stomach just beneath your abdominal muscle, sort of a mesh apron, the fact that you don't see is the most dangerous, the subcutaneous fact you can pinch probably won't kill you but a solid beer belly, you're likely headed for trouble, that's because too much deep fat turns out hormones and proteins that lead the lousy LVL cholesterol and try with strive levels high blood sugar resulting as well in blood pressure problems, insulin resistance and a wide spread inflammation.

All our instigators have many diseases including dimensia, cancer, heart disease and diabetes, so now that you know how bad belly fat really is, you've got some more motivation to get rid of it. The smart ways to do just that check out all of our health tips right here