The Truth About the Myths Your Gynecologist Believes

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Alright, your gynecologist is probably the doctor you trust the most for answers about your health. But with science constantly evolving, does she have the latest information today there are myths even your gynecologist believe. We've got three leading gynecologists here to tell you what you need to know, the truth.

Dr. [xx] is here clinical professional at [xx] university like a [xx] striker, and associate professor at North Western University, Dr. Evan Manayan who've been in practice for 18 years. All three of them have believed achieving perpetrated some of these myths at different time in your careers.

I [xx] cabbed to this first. Well, I used to believe that the clitoris was the size of a small P. I now know that the clitoris has a head, a body, two legs, and if you stretch tip into end it could be 10 inches long. Who knew? That's about 10 inches. You sound very masculine when you say that.

Well, I'm just letting know, we're powerful women down there. I like that 10 inches. Dr. Streaker. When a gynecologist tells their patients, if you are prone to yeast infection, whatever you do, don't sit in a wet bathing suit. Because yeast love warm moist places, and face what could be warmer and wetter than a wet bathing suit next to a crunch.

But, it's not true, we know there's no scientific study that shows that you actually get more virginal misinfections[sp?], if you wear wet bathing suits. So, wear that baby suit, wear those tight jeans you don't have to wear white cotton underwear, it doesn't matter that there was two too alright, exactly its all my daughter studied all this years.

I can lay low, however it was a myth you believe in. I think the myth, I thought I was the expert, booking not a women, she got big hips, she is going to be able to deliver anything, you are little tiny well maybe you will have a C-section, I was proven absolutely wrong. 4'11 feet and cute little woman I delivered no reportorial nothing.

I said to her, go ahead and push and she said, okay 13 pounds, two pushes, 13 pounds. Are you serious? I'm that serious, and it just fell out and I'm like wow, reality check..