The Fitness Test Women Should Take

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Today, I'm testing yours with the number one fitness test that every woman should take. So, watch. Our test real simple, I'm standing like this, I sit and then stand. Call the sitting rising test because it's easy as that, or so it seems, this measures your muscular scalaple[sp?] fitness, that's the strength of your bones, your muscles and get your bounce in it.

You guys ready to try? Sure. I'm going to pay how to grade yourself. You get five points for sitting and five points for getting up, don't have to rush through it, take your time. Each of basic moves gets [xx] but if when you're going down, you can't just sit but you have to go like this where my hand touch, so instead of getting five points to sit I get four, subtracted point.

Lift both hands, I lose two points. Likewise, getting up which is important if I got to go like this, I lose two or like this, I use the hand and a knee I lose two points. So, every time your body touches the ground except for your feet, you lose points. Are you ready to do this? Big study show that this is huge affected by assessing our level of flexibility, and if you don't have good muscles strength and balance you can't do this right, and guess what? It turns out you can break how long you are going to live, based on how well you do this.

Let's see how you do. Everybody get down, ready. Sit , you girls are pretty well there, that's the easy part. Now, let me see you again no cheating. Lucy get up. Good, good two, three. How much was that two? I lost track. You sort of slithered along then you came up. Alright. If you have greater than eight, you're doing great, and your risk of death is really low.

Who had a grader? I forget. Who had a little trouble? You forget. I had trouble. That's a separate problem, you forgot your number? Yeah, I forgot my number. I think you touched three things coming up so that gives a seven, so we'll start there. I don't want you panicking. What was your number? About a seven.

Seven too. Alright listen, the reason I asked you to do this is because there was a big study done looking at how this affected people. They did the study. They watched them for many years, and they could tell based by this how long we would live. And it turns out every time you lose a point it makes a difference.

In fact, every point that you get is worth 21% more to your longevity, so it's a big benefit but you can train yourself to do better on it. And I've got one simple move to do in our lives to stay flexible, balanced and maintain strength. Are you ready for it? It's a very simple, you see it in many old tribes.

It's called caveman. You sit like this. Now, can you do this? Oh my lord. Actually you're squatting. This is how we always used to go to the bathroom. This is great for gas by the way, and just. You want to get your hands inside your knees. And eventually, you'll loosen up and we can do this, but this is one of the best ways you feel your lower back open up a little bit, you hips relax, fantastic for stress, people won't asking what you're doing because they were too embarrassed to talk to you.