Get Your Heart Rate Up

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I've got two simple ways for you to ensure that you're working hard enough. The first is called the RPE scale. Big word stands for rate of perceived exertion. Forget about all that but what it does matter is the simple concept. The scale that you rate how easy or difficult an activity is, so if you notice zero is at the very top up there, that's how you feel if you're sitting in a chair doing nothing.

A 10 would be if you're really doing strenuous exercise like running up hill with a bag pack. So you wanna be more of a 10 at the bottom unless there's a zero at the top. Ideally you want to be I think about a three to four I've got Liz here and Rachel joining me. Liz how are you? It's Liza.

Liza, thank you. How are you Rachel? I'm good. All right so I've got another test you can do beside that this little tests that I gave you and has to do with exercising a little bit and then asking you a couple of simple questions. So just to get the ball rolling start doing some jumping jerks if you don't mind, gentle jumping jerks.

You gonna do with us? No I'm going to just ask the questions. Ready. Alright, are you guys ready? Yes. So Liza what's your favorite animal? Dog. And Rachel you're married? No. I'm single. You're single, you're looking around? Yes, always. Liza what's your favorite dessert? Treacle. And why? Delicious.

Good, alright, perfect. Both of these things are fantastic, now I'm going to raise it up one level. I want you to sing a little song while you're doing jump and jerks. Ready, keep going. Sing this song behind me over there. Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high.

Perfect. Now, you're little when you are doing all right but you're able to do the talking and question answers session pretty easily, that's how you want to be able to do it. In moderate exercise able to talk, carry conversation if you have to, but unable to sing a song cuz that means you're not really exercising at all.