Just Say 'No' to Soda

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz. Here's your smart health tip for today. Ladies, you are going to want to listen to this one. If you having a hard time kicking your soda habit, consider this. Recent research finds that regular soft drinks are especially bad for women. Sipping just two cans of regular soda a day, adds inches to your waist.

That raises your a risk of heart disease, of stroke and type II diabetes, even if you don't gain a pound. No one knows why women are so vulnerable to the health risks of drinking soda. But it may be because women burn fewer calories than guys do, or they tend to replace healthier foods with soft drinks.

But don't swap regular soda for diet soft drinks. Diet soda is also linked to heart disease and diabetes. So instead, switch to water or even caffeinated water if you need a boost. Or try sultry water with fruits. Ice tea and coffee are other refreshing sippers. And they're loaded with healthy anti-oxidants to help prevent heart disease and diabetes.

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