Want to Lose Weight? Take This Fat IQ Quiz

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Do you dread fat? The more you know about fat, the easier it is to slim down. Check your fat IQ with this quiz. True or false, fatty foods makes you feel full longer than other foods? False. Calorie for calorie is fiber not fat, that gets the the feel full longer prize. True or false?

Chronic stress helps you burn calories and fat? False. Chronic stress makes you feel hungrier and store more fat. True or false? Lifting weights burns more fat than running does. True. Over time. Both are great for you, but strength training builds more muscles which burns more calories. True or false, eating carbohydrates increases belly fat?

False. Complex carbs in the form of 100% whole grains actually help your body melt belly fat. The more you know, the easier it is to lose weight. I'm Dr. Miller. Check out all our smart health tips, right here.