Wager on Weight-Loss: Bet Yourself to a Thinner, Healthier You

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Here's a health tip you can take to Vegas. Watch one of the best ways to succeed at losing weight. Bet on it, literally. Yeap, bet on your own success, because you're more likely to hit your weight loss goal if cash is on the line. There's been evidence before that cash incentives lead to weight loss success, but there's now even more evidence about betting.

Studies have shown that dieters offered a cash incentive lost 13-14 pounds over 16 weeks, and dieters who got [xx] lost only three pounds. Recent research shows, that a group of losers who bet on themselves to win, dropped an average of 8.7 pounds whereas, those who didn't bet lost only 1.2 pounds. If you prefer betting to stay in Vegas, then pick a price or indulgence that works for you.

How about maid service to do your housework for a month? A music download spree at iTunes, a spa date, how about a high take pedometer, or gift yourself a gym membership, but remember, to set realistic goals and be patient, it takes at least 18 days to two months for a new habit to stay. I'm Dr. Oz, and that was today's health tip.