Need to Lose Weight? Ask a Buddy to Help

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Dr. Oz here with today's smart health tip. You need to do something hard like loose weight, stick to your workout routine, or even quit smoking. Well, you don't have to go it alone, you want to get a buddy, the buddy system is one of the simplest most effective ways to break a bad habit, or adopt a healthy new one.

When one of you falls off the rails, the other helps get him back on track. Your buddy could be anyone who supports your efforts, a friend, a family member, even a cyber pal. You can also buddy up with your doctor. In fact, a recent study found that working with a doctor is particularly effective for loosing weight.

This study focused on 400 obese people at risk for heart disease. They needed to drop weight and fast. About 40% of the people who got frequent calls and emails from buddies and counselors including their doctors, lost weight during the 6 months study. They were twice as successful as people who didn't get emails or phone counselling, and here's the kicker. They kept the weight off for another 18 months even without the counselling.

So if you have a big health goal, enlist a buddy, and check in daily. For more ways to boost your health, watch more smart tips, stay tuned.