Movies That Make You Cry May Make You Overeat

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Hi, Dr. Miller here, planning to watch a movie tonight? If you're trying to lose weight choose a comedy instead of a tear jerker, that's because sad movies encourage over eating. According to one study you are likely to eat about one third more buttered popcorn when you watch a sad movie than when you enjoy a happy one.

And it's not just movies, the effect is even more dramatic when you're reading something sad. It can make you eat more than twice as much popcorn than a happy story can. Why? Experts suspect you hope comfort foods will ease the flood of tears. That doesn't mean you always have to choose the bridesmaids over Bambi, just be prepared with these precautions.

When you head to the multiplex, bring a small bag of nuts and get a large no cal drink. Both will keep you filled up while tear up. Before you curl up with a sad book, a movie or the TV at home measure out a single serving of your fav foods, and before a sad story read the nutrition labels on your favorite snacks first.

That will help you eat way less. For more smart ways to watch your weight check out all our health tips right here.