How Your Dog Helps You Lose Weight & Lower Blood Pressure

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. Got a dog? Thinking of adopting one? That's great news for your health, dogs can boost your health in some surprising ways. They help you loose your weight. Dog owners walk twice as many hours a week as pushless people. Without eating one mouth or less, you could shed more than three pounds a year.

They protect your heart, people who've had a heart attack are 75% less likely to have another if they have a dog. They help lower your blood pressure and reduce stress, just pedding your four legged friend can do both. And how about that feel good rush you get every time your dog goes tail wagging wild, just because you walked in the door, priceless and even if you can't own a dog yourself, you can reap some benefits of puppy love.

Just watching pet pranks on the animal channel reduces stress, or offer to walk your neighbor's pooch, they'll both love you for it. Talk about man's best friend. For more ways to boost your health watch all of our smart tips right here.