How to Outsmart Hunger Hormones

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Are you having trouble losing weight? Your hormones may be to blame. Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. I'm talking about two kinds of hormones that regulate your appetite. Ghrelin is a regular chatterbox. It tells your brain, it's time to eat about every half hour. Leptin lets your brain know that your stomach is full, and it's time to put down the fork.

Now, when you're cutting calories, Leptin gets weaker while Ghrelin sends even more of those feed me messages, but you can outsmart those hormones. Skip sweets like cookies. You just put your Ghrelin into overdrive. Instead, choose foods that help you feel full and satisfied while still cutting back on calories.

Lean protein, fiber, and heart healthy fats would do the trick. That means filling up on nuts, veges, fruit, 100% whole grains, and lean proteins, like eggs and beans. Foods like this will help keep Ghrelin quite, while allowing Leptin to get your full message across. For more ways to loose weight and be healthier, check out all of our smart tips, right here.