How 'Fat Talk' Keeps You Fat

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Hey, Dr. Oz here with today's smart health tip. This one is easy, and it's something you shouldn't do. Stop trash talking about yourself, you know what I mean, it's when you say things like, I'm so fat, or my butt is so big. New research finds that that kind of fat talk is bad news for your body image, it's also linked to higher levels of depression, and that can make it harder for you to lose weight. But with a little attention, you can break the nasty cycle of fat talk, learn to appreciate your body, and loose up to three times more weight.

If looking at images of skinny models re-enforces your poor body image, stop looking at them, instead focus on the images that inspire you. Also pay attention to the tone you use when you talk about yourself. Is it harsh? If you wouldn't say those things to a friend, while don't say them to yourself. Don't let friends draw you into fat talk either, when they start complaining about how they are too fat, don't take the bet to join them.

Instead, encourage them to focus on their strengths and you may start doing the same favor for yourself. For more ways to loose weight and be healthier, check out all of our smart tips, right here.