Give Up Guilt to Lose Weight

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a surprising way for you to stay slim. You know that guilty, oh, man did I really just eat all those fries filling? Well, that eaters remorse pretty much guarantees with those irresistibly yummy, greasy, salty fries will go straight to your belly. Researchers in one study found that, guilt ridden dieters had higher BMIs than women who allowed themselves the occasional indulgence, and didn't feel badly about it.

The same study also found that women with higher BMIs and body fat percentages said that, they were either too busy to cook, or used food to cope with stress, boredom, or their emotions. Who bared the best in the study? Women who focused on nutrition. So aim for healthy meals most of the time, and cut yourself some slack.

So you can indulge and enjoy in a doughnut, extra cheese pizza, or a fudge nut brownie once in a while. For more easy ways to live better, watch and share all our smart tips, right here.