Exercise for a Slimmer Heart

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller here with another great benefit of exercise. It reshapes your heart as well as your waist. A small study found that loosing just 4-7% of your body weight could help reverse some of the unhealthy effects that obesity has on the heart. When you pile on too many pounds, it affects not only your waist size, but also your heart size.

Your heart muscle gets thicker and that's not good, because when the heart muscle gets too thick, it has a harder time pumping and relaxing. That puts you on the fast track to problems like heart failure, but in a study of obese people, a little weight lose actually improved the heart structure and function.

Researchers aren't exactly sure how loosing weight helps transform the heart, but weight loss benefits to blood pressure, insulin resistance, and inflammatory protein level likely to play a role, so keep up with your workouts, even if the number on the scale doesn't change a lot, you are still reshaping your heart in amazing ways.

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