3 Surprising Secrets to Slim Down

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Hi, I'm Doctor Ross. We all know that eating less and exercising more is the most basic way to lose weight but I've got three weight loss secrets you might not know about. Number one, turn down your thermostart. Research suggests that keeping temperatures below 68 degrees farenheight may fire up your metabolism because you'll burn extra calories to stay warm.

Number two, go to bed early. Lack of a sleep throws off your appetite hormones and boost them into overdrive. Poor sleep also affects your blood sugar and insulin levels and puts you at higher risks for weight gain try to get about seven day hours of shut eye each night, and number three, cut eating out to just once a month.

One study found that eating just one restaurant meal per week increases your risk of obesity by a whapping 15%. When you are making meals at home you can control the fat, the sugar and the salt content and you also control the portion sizes. For more simple weight loss tips watch all of our spot tips right here.