2 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz, and here's a smart tip to make watching your weight a whole lot easier, chill out and turn in early. That's right, curbing stress and getting plenty of sleep are two key ingredients in any weight loss plan. In one study, [xx] followed a standard eat less, exercise more weight loss program for six months.

Now as you'd expect, most folks lost weight, but dieters with lower stress levels at the beginning of the program lost a lot more than their more anxious counter parts. Those who slept between six and eight hours a night also drop more weight, and consider this dieters who are stressed out and sleepy were half as lucky to achieve the study's average weight loss goal of 10 pounds.

That's because chronic stress boosts those feel hungry hormones which make many people reach for high calorie comfort foods. Poor sleep also interferes with your metabolism, cranking up your appetite while leaving you too tired to work out. The lesson here is to make sure that any weight loss program you follow includes stress management techniques and smart sleeping habits.

You'll loose more weight and you will feel happier. To discover more ways to live healthier watch all of our smart tips right here.