Why Is It Important for Children and Preteens to Get Enough Vitamin D?

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Is it important for preteens to have enough vitamin D? Absolutely, it's important for children to have vitamin D for healthy bone development and growth. There was a recent study of preteen girls in Finland and Denmark, and the results showed that to get adequate vitamin D levels in the blood, they needed around 750 international units a day.

So then how do parents know how much vitamin D to give to the kids? Well it's hard to know exactly but if you're living in climates like Finland and Denmark, which we've been doing lately, you might want up it to the 750 units. And if you were in Arizona say? Then probably not as much.

However, when you use sunscreen you block vitamin D, and probably the best way to know if kids need it, especially preteen and teenage kids in the scale of blood level.