Which Vitamins Are Most Important for Healthy Skin?

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I would have to say that vitamins are the most important for healthy skin are Vitamin A and C, and if I had to add another one E so think ACE, A C and E. So Vitamin A is a chemical exfolient so it helps to remove that top dead layer of your skin. It also helps to fight fine lines and minor little wrinkles and it also improves any discolorations and it's very helpful with hyper-pigmentations, so that's Vitamin A. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, it's also a skin lightner and a skin brightener and it's tremendously helpful with discolorations, and also as well as fine lines.

So Vitamin C is really important to help build collagen in the skin, so that's Vitamin C. And Vitamin E actually can work very well with Vitamin C and Vitamin E is a classic antioxidant, so overall it helps to decrease inflammation that is thought to contribute to premature aging.