Which Food Can Help Make Up a Vitamin E Shortfall In My Diet?

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Even the healthiest eaters can fall short of necessary nutrients putting you at risk for countless diseases. But just a few simple additions to your diet can provide powerful protections, so today we'll play a game called nutrient shortfall. Nicely done. Alright. Victoria [xx] before hand.

It's going to be a spirited competition and reveal a nutrient amount you should get for each of the things I'm going to talk about. I'm going to ask you to choose which foods is going to help you make up for short form? Person to want break wins gets the price. Right. The first nutrients you need is vitamin E, great [xx].

You need 400 international units, you get 10, 10 international units, can you imagine that? Huge gap in America. Which food fights the Vitamin E shortfall? Is it sunflower seed or is it mangoes? Please write you answers down. Sunflower seeds or mangoes. Ooh yes. Alright let's see. Victoria what do you think? She writes it down, she scribbles and she's written down.

Sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds. Alright, Tracy what do you guess? Sunflower seeds as well. Audience, you think they are right audience? And they are absolutely right. Sunflower seeds 18 times the amount of vitamin E that mangoes have, excellent iron, anti-oxident protection for that reason.

Vitamin E protects yourselves, it defends your skin against UV damage from the sun and also helps absorb other nutrients which is so important for you. You both get a point alright. Question number two, are we ready? Is about potassium, potassium. You need 4,700 milligrams of potassium, most of us get half that amount 2300 milligrams.

Which food fights the potassium short?.