If I Could Only Have One Vitamin, Which One Should I Take?

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[APPLAUSE] We have folks calling us all kinds of things about the show and get a lot of great questions as well, including radio deejays, and I love talking to radio DJs cuz they have very interesting insights and their questions are often very intriguing, check this one out.

Hi I'm Steve Mccoy in Atlanta B 98.5 FM okay Dr. Oz, if I were in a desert island what one vitamin would you say I have to have with me? The one Vitamin in a desert island. So I thought about that, I would normally say vitamin D, but on a desert island you get the sun, so I thought the other important vitamin was vitamin C cause vitamin C is essential in all the collagen, all the connective tissues in our body, so our teeth get loose if we don't have enough collagen, our joints start to ache us cause we get lax, we get this thing called scurvy you know what is scurvy? The sailors who come across Atlantic come to colonize this country got it all because they'd go for months with no vitamins C.

So they actually begin at a time couple a hundred years ago to put oranges and limes and lemons on the boats. So vitamin C will be my answer to this question.