How Can I Make My Skin Glow?

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We all want to have glowing, beautiful skin. Instead of just relying on products, it's important to remember that beauty and our skin is built from the inside out. So what I recommend having everyday, is my signature drink called the Glow and Green smoothie. It's really easy to make. You just need to add some water, some greens, about 70% greens, some fruits, and some citrus.

And what this in going to do is, this is going to be the fuel which from the inside-out is going to give you all the vitamins, and better nutrients, and minerals, and everything to build that sexy, beautiful glow. So you just need to drink it in the morning at least 16 ounces. You can make a big batch for a couple of days, a lot of my clients say that within a week you'll start to see some results, you'll feel more energy, you'll have better glowing skin. So the more consistently you stick to the Glowing Green smoothie, the better your skin will start to look.

So, what's in the smoothie is, Romaine lettuce, some spinach, celery, and actually in a serving of a smoothie, you're getting about three cups of leafy green vegetables. In any leafy greens is beta-carotene which converts to the powerful anti-aging vitamin A, which helps promote unhealthy skin growth, moisture retention in your skin, radiant skin, so these greens are really, really important. Having them in this form in the Glowing Green Smoothie means that they are broken down and they can just as easily absorbed into your body.

So we have those three greens, you can also mix and match kale, or Swiss chard, and then there's also some fruit, I typically use banana, apple and pear, and always some lemon juice for extra Vitamin C. Again, you can mix and match your fruit in your greeens, but keep it at least 70% green to get the maximum beauty benefits.