Get Vitamin E from Food, Not Dietary Supplements

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, and the second leading cause of cancer death among men in the US. And for years, antioxidant rich Vitamin E supplements were believed to help prevent prostate cancer among other conditions. A result of a long term study raised doubts about the benefits of Vitamin E supplements.

Updated data suggests, that Vitamin E supplements may actually increase your risk of prostrate cancer. The study found that taking 400 international units of Vitamin E daily, raises men's risks of prostate cancer by 17%. Why, isn't clear. So guys, toss your Vitamin E supplements, and if you take a multi-vitamin make sure it has no more than 30 international units of vitamin E. Instead, get most of your Vitamin E from food which is safe and delicious. It's hard to consume too much Vitamin E from food.

Some great sources include nuts and seeds like almonds and Hazel nuts, Peanut Butter, Sunflower Seeds are a great source. Cooked spinach and Broccoli also kick in a little Vitamin E. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to nourish your good health, check out all of our smart tips.