Does Vitamin D Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease?

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The next question is somebody that takes Vitamin D does it reduce the risk of heart disease? Well, it may depending on who you are. A study of 45000 men and found that those who took at least 600 international units daily, were 15% less likely to develop heart disease than those who took less that a 100 international unit a day.

Vitamin D may help prevent heart disease by lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation in blood vessels. And then what was the effect of Vitamin D had on women? None. Really? So it only worked if you are a man. So when doctors are telling you to take those 1000 unit D3, all of that for women.

Well, there are other good things about Vitamin D and there's obviously other reasons to take in especially for women it protects your bones. I bet it just may not protect against heart disease in women. What about vitality and things like that? Definitely helps with balance, energy you name it all around and to boost your immunity.

So yeah, it's very good but for women it may not help prevent heart disease but we don't know. There needs to be actually a clinical study done looking at it specifically.