Can Vitamin D Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

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Can Alzheimer's disease be prevented by Vitamin D? May be. A substance known as to be amyloid is thought to be responsible for Alzheimer's disease. There are special cells in the body that help to clean up amyloid from the brain and these cells work better when exposed to Vitamin D.

These findings make the case for making sure that we all have adequate Vitamin D levels. Now will vitamin D help reverse dementia from Alzheimer's? We don't know and those studies will be done, I'm sure but it's a possibility so it's definitely worth making sure your vitamin D level is adequate.

And it's something that I learnt from Dr. Miller before to not just kind of willy nilly take the vitamin D, right? Yes, get your level checked, and then find out from your doctor how much you should taking and then get a follow up level done. Okay sounds good.