3 Reasons to Keep Taking Your Fish Oil Pills

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Dr. Miller here with another great health tip. Don't be misled by research telling you to toss your Omega-3 capsules. The research asked to people who take fish oil, have fewer heart problem. The conclusion, not really, but the study only followed people for a few years. They also took heart medication, and the research didn't consider what people ate.

Potentially, triple cheese burgers and shakes. Here's how Fish Oil supplements can make you grow younger, and why you should keep taking them. Omega-3 fatty acids protects your brain, missing out on the active ingredient called DHA shrinks your brain, increases dementia risk, and messes up your ability to remember.

Omega-3 also protects your brain from damage after a stroke, and it protects your eye-sight reducing your risk for low vision and blindness. This good fats cool inflammation, and slow the overgrowth of blood vessels in your retinas. Keep the moving screens of your eyes damage free. So keep taking your Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements, they are your good fat insurance policy, and watch more smart and easy health tips, right here.