Eat Cranberries for a Healthier Stomach and Mouth.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a smart tip for your next holiday meal. Taking extra helping of the sauce as it heads around the dinner table, Cranberry relish. That's because Cranberry relish is made of one of the most antioxidant fruits on earth. Studies show these ruby red beauties may reduce both stomach ulcers and tooth decay.

Cranberries have a long list of antioxidant superstars to their credit. More than 150 different health promoting vital chemicals. Cranberry nutrients make it harder for H. pylori, a bacterial culprit in stomach ulcers to [xx] of cells line in the stomach. Nutrients in cranberries also help produce plaque build up on your teeth.

The result, tooth decay and gum disease. And there are plenty of other benefits to cranberries, they're low in calories and high in fiber, great if you're watching your weight. Some studies even suggest that cranberries could help lower cancer risk and improved cholesterol. For more ways to shape up and live better, keep watching all our health smart.