Why Teenagers Should Watch Their Sodium

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Hi, I'm Dr Altman. Did you know that average teenager consumes more salt than any other age group? Thanks to the processed and fast foods many kids gable, the average teen gets around 3800 milligrams of sodium a day. That's way more than twice the recommended 1500 milligrams. But if teens just cut their salt by half a tablespoon each day, the number of young adults ages 12-24 who already have high blood pressure would drop as much as 63%.

Try these strategies to help your teen cut back on sodium. Take him shopping at the grocery store, give him a sodium or salt allowance. Then let them get as many favorite foods as he can without fasting this sodium budget. Healthy choices will almost inevitably fill up the cards. Eat together more often.

Family dinner have a good influence over children weight, waist and overall health. Appoint your team chef for a day, the only rule is no processed foods and no added salt. But encourage them to get creative with the spice rack to boost flavor[x]. For more ways to nature family's health watch all our smart tips.