What Is a Cancer Survivorship Care Plan?

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Cancer survivor-ship care plans are either documents or electronic media that your cancer center provides that they give to you so you can pass it on to your primary care providers or they can send directly to your primary care providers. They generally list all of the details of your care, what kind of surgery you had, how much chemotherapy you had, what chemotherapy drugs, how many milligrams of each drug, if you have radiation exactly where the beam was pointed, at what angles exactly, how much radiation you've got measured in something called the rads, that's really important in the long run, and a really good cancer survivor should have plans should also list the kinds of things that you need to do to stay as healthy as possible.

In addition it should direct your primary care providers to the kind of testing that need to be done, if there is any consensus the entry [xx] between scans, if you had let's say radiation between your neck and your stomach cause somebody checks your thyroid via blood test every once in a while because it's very common hypothyroid or have your thyroids slow down as a result of radiation, that's easily fixable and can really improve quality of life.

So again depending upon the kind of cancer there are a number of different things for each cancer that need to be checked and a number of responsibilities that you and your family have to make sure you stay as healthy as possible, all of that should be summarized in a document called a personal health record or a survivor-ship Care Plan.