How Can Meeting Other Cancer Survivors Help Me?

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Meeting other survivors is a really good thing. Some people are frightened to meet other survivors because they're afraid that if they get sick, then it means that I'm going to get sick in the future too, but the kind of interactions that you have way before that can be very, very helpful.

Apart from a little gossip and the way [UNKNOWN] which is a really good doctor or which is a nurse I should avoid, cancer survivors learn good tricks from veteran patients. Veteran patients have been there before, they know what to do, they know the best place to get a weighing, they know the best soap to use, and of course that information should be available from official means but often that information gets communicated from one survivor to another, and meeting people who have been through it can really help.

People used to come to support groups, that doesn't happen much anymore, with the rise of electronic communication, we get our information in many ways besides a face to face interaction, so meeting survivors virtually online or through other types of electronic media. It really serves for the same purpose.