How Can I Transition from Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor?

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Well, you are a cancer survivor all the time but you're undergoing treatment or are patients. The most accepted definition of cancer survivor these days, your period of survivor should start at the start of your treatment and at the time of diagnosis but as you got through treatment, you'll be visiting lots of different providers, number of different cancer specialists, multiple nurses, nutritionist, physical therapists and other counselors and number of people whose job it is to make sure you get treatment from your cover as well as possible.

All those folks need to be able to communicate with you, your family and the providers that will see you in the future. So the best way of moving move from a cancer patient to a cancer survivor, is to really collect all that information, with your treatment team, and understand what your tests are.

Lots of times people think they are just given a list of things that their doctors and nurses or other providers need to know, but you have some responsibilities and the responsibilities are things that they can't do for you, like really eat well, exercise, rest well, nothing fancy but the kind of things that were really made for an easy and complete recovery.