As a Cancer Survivor, How Can I Improve My Body Image?

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Well, many people assume that if you have cancer you're going to lose a lot of weight and lose your hair. Having shaved head these days is not necessarily a sign of having cancer, a lot of it is just up to minute fashion. So that's not always something that people can pick you out from the crowd with and say, oh here she is going through treatment because they've shaved their head.

Sometimes the way that you feel inside doesn't match what appears on the outside, some patients really feel like themselves inside, and outside they have lost weight, they lost their hair and they look pretty tired, some people it's just the reverse they have had some change in the body part even if it's hidden even and it's been a hysterectomy or even if it's in breast surgery that's covered by a brown clothing and they don't feel like themselves, they feel a part of themselves is missing or part of themselves is changed and it comes to a lot of time and effort that we begin to accept that how we used to look and how we look now but now haven't changed but we are still ourselves.

That's a tough thing to do some people do it by themselves, some people get some counselling for that.