As a Cancer Survivor, How Can I Deal With My Fear of a Recurrence?

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Having a fear of re-occurrence if it's a solid tumor or relapse, if you have a liquid tumor like leukemia or myeloma is standard procedure, everybody worries about that. So everybody needs to know that that's just part of the course. It's an unknown and living with the unknown is a hard thing to do until you get used to it, so every time you go for test, whether it's blood test or a scan you're going to be nervous and you're going to be nervous until the scan results come back and then you'll basically live from scan to scan and hopefully those intervals get longer and longer as time goes by and you're doing well.

But living with the unknown is really a difficult thing to do, many people often put off important things like making reservations when they're on vacation or fixing up their house, because they believe they won't have enough time, that's always a factor in living with the unknown, but the general feeling is that you make those arrangements and you make sort of secondary arrangements.

So if you're going on a trip let's say, you go to a place this clean, if you're in treatment or just after treatment and you bring the names of your medicine, the names of your doctor so in case there's an emergency there's something you can do about it and then you go and enjoy yourself.

Many people believe that counseling is really important in cancer but for someone else not for me, I'm fine, my family is fine, I have my church, I have my support system but what we do in comprehensive cancer treatment is build the counselling into the treatment itself. So you don't necessarily go to see it a therapist you go to look good, feel better, so that you can learn how to look good during your treatment.

Or you go to the Survivors Day Celebration or you go to a Spa Day or you got to Yoga For Men and lots of counselling between counselors and patients, and between patients happens in thsee sorts of activities.