What Are the Signs of Heat Exhaustion?

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Heat exhaustion is one of the main signs is that if you're sweating too much, you notice sort of that goose pimples while you're sweating a lot. You can become nauseated, you can become dizzy. That' s a sign that maybe you've been in the heat too long or you have some other conditions that are making you not tolerate the heat as well.

Once you have any kind of neurologic symptoms or like you're disoriented or confused that's a sign of heat stroke which is an emergency and you have to call 911 right way. And the problem with heat stroke is a lot of times people in the throes of heat stroke don't even realize they're having a problem, so if you are out with teammates or friends and family and you notice somebody getting that way, you need to get them out of the elements right away and call 911.