Keep the Swimming Pool Clean and Safe

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz, swimming is a great exercise for everyone in the family whether you're taking dip in your own backyard, the neighbors pool are the local [xx]. You want to be sure the water stays nice and clean, here's how to keep it safe for everybody, make sure everyone takes quick shower before diving it.

If you or your child has diarrhea, you could make others sick, so stay out of the water. Wash off those kiddies butts with hand sanitizer before putting them in the pool even if they aren't sick and no changing diapers by the pool. Make sure bigger kids take frequent bathroom breaks, if they're drinking lots of fluids which they should be especially on hot summer days.

Tell them that a die in the pool water turns purple if they pee in it, an extra drill. Finally remind kids not to swallow the water. I'm Dr. Oz, check out all our smart tips for more ways to help your family stay safe and healthy.