What Kind of Counseling Works for People With Addictions?

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Hi. My name is Doctor Judy Hollis and you're asking, how has Western psychology been affected by ideas about individuality? And I'll tell you it's been extremely important. Because in the West, we're in very competitive cultures, where we teach a lot of pull yourself up by your bootstraps and individual effort.

In more eastern cultures, people are taught more about being part of the entire human race and part of the universe, and melting a little. Maybe not so doggedly fighting. So, many of us as psychologists are kind of trying to melt Eastern mysticism and Eastern religions with Western psychology and developing a new plan for the next century.

In my particular specialty, treating over-eaters, I do know that competition and individual efforts are deadly to over eaters and that we do need to learn how to let go and work with others. So, I invite you on that journey.