How Can I Tell If Someone Is Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

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Well it depends what prescription drugs someone is taking, but sometimes you can look at the pupils and really get a sense of what someone has taken. For instance, with prescription pain medicine, the pupils get small, they constrict, or some people say they're pin point pupils.

If someone is abusing stimulants like adderall, their pupils are going to get big so, and that no matter how often somebody takes it, no matter how many years they've been taking the medicine, their pupils will always either constrict or dilate depending on whether it's a pain medicine or a stimulant.

So that's one way that you have an idea of what drugs somebody is taking. The other thing that you'll notice with people, is that their mood seems to change sometimes they seem very at ease and relaxed and loving and then other times, they're sort of irritable and grouchy and they look very uncomfortable.

So, it's not necessarily normal to have these huge shifts in mood throughout the course of the day or one day to the next. So that's something to look for is that people really seem different. With pain medicines, you'll also see people get very relaxed, the facial muscles get very relaxed, they get kind of droopy, their eyes get heavy, and when somebody is not high or when they're with withdrawal their face is not going to look nearly as relaxing, just not going to seem too sleepy.

So changes in or how relaxed somebody's face is, or in somebody's mood. The bottom line with addiction is that people lie. They are lying to themselves, they're lying to other people, they're hiding, they're hiding what they are doing. So if you start catching people in lies, or feeling like they're not being honest, or you notice that they're getting uncomfortable talking about it, you may want to be even more sort of confrontational and ask them what's going on.