Can I Do All of My Addiction Therapy In One Program?

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Hi, my name is Dr. Juni Holes and has an addiction expert I'm going be answering your question about why can't I do all my work in just my one program. For example I'm in AA, why should I have to go to L and on to deal with my relationships and why do I have to go to O deal with my food problem? Well sure a good answer for that and it's the same answer that's made AA work it's the identification of one fellow sufferer helping another.

So you have to be heard by people who understand what your struggle is. Also it's a chance to see other people further down the line who are doing well and being successful at getting out of obsessive behaviors and out of addiction and you need to see people with that specific problem.

Many people after they get into their recovery programs and get sober or get free of their food obsession. Find that that they need programs like debtors anonymous to deal with their financial problem they do need Allerner and Koder and and other program to deal with relationship problem and one thing I think it's very exciting as many people go to Arts anonymous because they find if they're not developing their artistic self can tend to implode and become depressed and that can lead to further that addictive behavior.

So, while not avail yourself of all the great programs out their and then enjoy.