Use Technology to Get Organized

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Here is my stress busting tip that may surprise you. Get organized. Stacks of paper work, piles of clutter, a succession of lost items, missed deadlines, and unfinished tasks, all of these ramp up stress, and they may be signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Whether or not you have ADHD, conquering clutter will make your life a whole lot calmer. Start by using smart technology, go paperless and stay on top of everything.

Pay bills online with automatic bill pay whenever possible and look for a computer program to keep track of everything from your schedule to your contacts. Use software that creates lists for you and sets alarms and reminders to help keep you on track. Find a program that syncs to your smartphone too, let this electronic devices pinch in for your brain when you're feeling overwhelmed.

I'm Doctor Oz, for more ways to reduce stress and boost your well being watch all of our smart tips right here.