Chanting Can Make You Heal Faster

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra. Next time you feel your blood start to boil, chant on any coming phrase. Why? A coming munch are just might turn you into a faster healer. Studies show that being quick temper hinders your body's ability to heal. One way to channel your anger, repeat a common phrase.

In one study, participants who had received very small blister wounds to their skin were also revaluated in terms of their anger management skills. Those with bad tempers, were four times more likely to have slow healing glister. High head, also had higher levels of distress hormone quarter valve in their saliva, that led researchers to think that straight, the underlying factor in the impact anger has on healing.

The immune system, command central for healing and recovery suffers when tempers flair and cortisol levels get high. So the next time you feel your temper rise, take a deep breathe and chant your soothing mantra of choice. You'll feel calmer and your immunity will be stronger. To discover more ways to relax and live better. watch and share all our smart tips, right here.